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Shawn Archer is not only a fan of Hip-Hop, he is also a student whom honors the art and the craft. Originating from North Philadelphia, he has witnessed experiences that have encouraged his pen to make way for his words to provide an escape.


Shawn Archer cites Nas, Biggie and Jay-Z as his favorite artists.


Doing whatever it takes to catapult his profession to the next level, solidify his efforts and build his name are the current focuses for Shawn Archer. “I have a foundation. I’m ready to build on that house. I want to make it something worth listening to and talking about” is how Archer describes the current state of his career.


Although Shawn Archer has been featured on THE SOURCE, HIP-HOP VIBE, ALLHIPHOP.COM and many more media outlets, he is determined to remain diligent until his moniker is a notable household name.


Grab your popcorn and stay tuned to this rising

Hip-Hop Artist: Shawn Archer.

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